Stéphane Hubert Design makes custom and ready-made freestanding furniture & accessories from primarily reclaimed, repurposed & sustainably sourced materials. Born & raised in the south of France & Martinique, & currently living & working in NYC, Stéphane finds new life for salvaged materials in objects such as lamps, stools, tables, serving pieces, desk accessories & kitchen utensils. He uses his strong creativity in juxtaposing & re-creating found components.

“I started making furniture about 20 years ago after architecture school in Paris. I was always interested by how things were put together. Even as a kid, I was dismantling toys to get a better sense of how they were made. I try to combine functionality, simplicity and proportion while using salvaged material whenever possible. Working & dealing with the constraints of a living material is always a challenge, but also an inspiration. My goal is to grow my business without sacrificing my strong belief in working locally and in a sustainable fashion.“

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